• Dr. David M. Mouser

Day One....

It is with great pride that I began my career as a superintendent today at Tri-Valley CUSD #3. Today also happens to be my 40th birthday. I laugh as I remember becoming a principal on my 30th birthday 10 years ago and being faced with several new challenges and excitement as I took on a new position. Though I am 10 years wiser (my wife would question this), I still realize that every day is a gift filled with new challenges that need to be understood and overcome. I’m ready to take them all on.

As I approach this summer, I am spending time learning about the procedures at the unit office. In addition, I have been in various trainings coordinated by the regional office of education and state associations for school administrators. I feel very confident in the network of support that exists as we begin to work as an administrative team to coordinate the year. Speaking of our administrative team, I am thrilled to have such motivated and committed people to work with. Please consider sending a positive note to your building and district administrators from time to time. It can be a tough job at times, and positive feedback is always welcomed.

This blog is simply meant to introduce myself to those that may take the time to follow my posts. I hope that my posts will be informative and provide some insight into some of the developments at Tri-Valley as we begin our year together as a school community. As I continue to become familiar with my new position, I ask that you please provide any feedback directly. The board of education and myself will be working to continue the great work that has been done, and will work to build on new developments for the future. My hope is that on July 1st 2015, I can provide a blog about all the work that we are collectively proud of having completed this year. Have a wonderful summer! Go Vikings!!


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