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Raising the bar....even higher. Tri-Lite submission September 2014

The bar has certainly been set high at Tri-Valley. What a wonderful beginning to a school year we are having! The weather has been great, the students have been excellent, the staff has been working hard, and “Viking Pride” is evident throughout our community. It is with great pride that I complete my first Tri-Lite submission as the new Tri-Valley Superintendent of schools. I want to take a moment in the article to introduce myself, and to provide a general overview of a few issues we are facing.

My name is David Mouser, and I began my career in education at Tri-Valley in 1997 as an agriculture/science teacher and FFA advisor. I taught for seven years and loved every minute of working with the young people of our community. I decided to pursue administration in 2004 and became a middle school principal at Illini Central School District in Easton, Illinois. My time there was awesome, and am very proud of the work we accomplished at IC. In 2006, I came back to Tri-Valley after being offered the high school principal position. During my 8 years as high school principal, we accomplished a great deal and are thrilled to have earned the prestigious National Blue Ribbon award for being one of the of the top high schools in the nation. I was mentored last year by Dr. Curt Simonson, and began my time as Superintendent July 1st of this past summer. I recently completed my doctorate in Educational Leadership and am grateful for this new opportunity. I am married to Amie Mouser who serves as our district media specialist, and have two children who attend Tri-Valley Schools. We are a very proud VIKING family!

As I approach my first year, my goal is to learn as much as possible and to develop quality relationships with students, staff, and community members. Our leadership team has been working hard to improve our communication strategies and to build a collective culture of expectation. I have been working on a new superintendent website to share blogs and updates about our district, students, and schools which will launch soon. You may have also noticed our new Twitter feed and Facebook page. You can follow our communications, progress, and accomplishments through multiple formats, and we hope to continue to improve as the year rolls forward.

There is no doubt that we are in the midst of unprecedented times in education. Dr. Simonson was quick to share that the pressures that schools face today are unlike any time before in terms of finance and accountability. We have been mandated to implement common core, develop new assessments, change our teacher evaluation system, change our principal evaluation systems, prepare for nationwide PARCC testing, and game plan in specific formats for school improvement. These reform measures are daunting, and our State has been kind enough to decimate our funding in the process. We have eliminated several positions over the past 4 years, and face a large deficit in our education fund again this year. We are quite frankly tired of having to do more with an ever increasing LESS.

As I met with teachers on our opening day, I explained the above situation but offered the following. At the end of the day, we can really only control what we do for the children in front of us. If we put all of our effort into providing the best possible experience for the children in our classrooms, success and progress will continue to be the result at Tri-Valley.

I tend to be a very positive person, and I am positive that Tri-Valley will continue to innovate education every day despite any challenges we may face. We will provide opportunities to students and our community. We will respect each other in the process, and we will be dedicated to the children we serve. As the year continues to progress, I will provide updates and communication frequently. I hope that we can rely on our community for support and partnership as we always have. Tri-Valley is a very special place, and I look forward to working together to raise the bar even higher.

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