• Dr. David M. Mouser

Tri-Valley CUSD #3 Supports Vision 2020


We are definitely in the middle of unprecedented times in education. The incorporation of common core, the development of new assessment structures, teacher evaluation procedures, and an ever increasing lack of state funding has caused districts to look at all aspects of how we serve our students. Though there have been several examples of failed educational reforms, a new and exciting movement has begun in Illinois. That reform effort is Vision 2020.

Vision 2020 is focused on kids and provides an evidence-based model to bring forth change in Illinois schools and how they are funded. Vision 2020 boasts a common sense approach to education that begins with quality teachers and instruction. In addition, the reform effort focuses on providing 21st century learning outcomes with a new method of accountability that is not measured solely by standardized test scores. Finally, Vision 2020 grounds itself in an evidence based funding model that creates adequacy for Illinois schools no matter the zip code.

Specifically, there are 4 key pillars that define Vision 2020.

Highly Effective Educators

  • Attract the most qualified teaching candidates from inside and outside of Illinois.

  • Allow for schools utilize alternative licensure measures to get qualified individuals with diverse backgrounds in front of our children.

  • Provide on-going and purposeful learning opportunities for teachers.

21st Century Learning

  • A deep focus on teaching the “whole child” by embracing social and emotional realities.

  • Build intentional partnerships with business and industry, so that our students are more aware and prepared for the world of work.

  • Expand technology access to all of our students and our districts throughout the state.

Shared Accountability

  • Broaden the measures of accountability for schools by allowing student assessment data to be partnered with research based instructional best practices.

  • Provide local control to school districts to endorse or defer unnecessary, cumbersome, and unfunded mandates that stifle resources.

Equitable and Adequate Funding

  • Utilize an evidence based model for funding schools that begins with the success of students as the outcome to define spending.

  • Allow a scalable system for best practices that sets a standard financial bar for funding for all schools while allowing communities to locally define where funding should be best utilized.

Tri-Valley prides itself in being innovative. We have staff, students, and parents that are dedicated to the success for our schools. Our focus continues to be on developing opportunities for our young people. Vision 2020 is the first example of meaningful state education reform that is completely about kids. This is why Tri-Valley CUSD #3 has chosen to endorse the Vision 2020 effort. Please visit and sign the petition in support of the reform effort. Let your legislators know that you support the effort as well.

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