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What Is Going On At TV3 This Summer?


Tri-Valley Summer Update…What’s going on at TV3?

We have a lot happening over the next few months. I thought I would create a blog that answers some questions and provides an update into what we are going to be working on now that students and teachers are out of the buildings and beginning summer break.

The first item on everyone’s minds when summer hits is maintenance. Our roof repairs are way overdue, and part of it is due to all districts waiting to see the results of the county facility sales tax last year. To be very honest, the 1% tax would have meant approximately $750K each year that could be used for maintenance, building, and repair. After the CFST failed, we were left with facing the issues as a district without the support of new revenue. We immediately applied for a life safety amendment from the state board of education to complete our work. The work this summer is highlighted by partial roof replacement at the Elementary and High School as well as a new boiler system in the Elementary Building replacing the failing items. We have solicited the help of Ameresco, a performance contract company to coordinate our efforts. This work will all begin in the next week and will be completed by the end of the summer. The result will be a more efficient and safe environment for students and staff.

The second major project this summer involves the repair of the middle school drive. This also was part of our recent life safety amendment, and will begin after the 4th of July. The result will be that the roadway will be fixed long term, and provide a safe and efficient route for the type of traffic we experience. This of course was not a planned expense a few years ago, but nevertheless has become a priority over recent months.

Also, our maintenance crews are already busy cleaning out rooms and performing much needed annual maintenance duties throughout the district. We hold a meeting each spring with our building and grounds committee comprised of board members and walk the district to view items on our list of to do items. We have quite a list of items to complete, and are working on them throughout the summer.

Finally, you may have read that our district made the decision to take advantage of the opportunity to acquire two properties that lie adjacent to our district. The work of our Village to encourage growth has begun to show results at Tri-Valley in terms of student enrollment. We have the largest incoming Kindergarten class in years this fall, and must continually plan for our future as our district begins to grow. Next year we have a freshmen class that has reached 100 students! For the first time in years, there are over a hundred lots for sale in our district, and new families contact our district office or buildings daily about enrolling new students! We recently learned that the average Tri-Valley home for sale is on the market for only 6 days.

Tri-Valley is clearly a hot commodity, and we have a responsibility to be pro-active in our work toward planning for the future while maintaining current excellence. This of course involves taking advantage of rare opportunities to acquire space adjacent to our campus by utilizing reserve funds in our operations and maintenance fund. This fund has been stable over the years because it has been funded by the responsible taxpayers in our community, and has not been reliant on unreliable state funding. The foresight of previous boards of education has left us in the position to plan for the future. In addition, the donation of a third property that our district intends to sell provides offsetting revenue for the recent purchases. We see a very bright future for our school district, and I firmly believe that our work will in turn strengthen our community.

Finally, our administrators are quite busy wrapping up the year and planning for next year. We have a few open positions that we are in the process of interviewing for. Though we have had to make reductions in our education fund due to reduced state payments, we work continually on being efficient and effective through being focused on serving students. Our academic results speak for themselves and credit should be given to our staff and all of our families that work tirelessly to make sure our Vikings excel.

To say I’m proud of the past year would be an understatement. We have continued to “weather the storm” created by the lack of responsibility from our state. We have provided amazing opportunities for our students. We have partnered with our communities to create support and progress. We have maintained a pattern of success while having the foresight necessary to provide vision for our future. This summer will be busy, but when we open doors in the fall, we will be an even better Viking Nation! As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at the unit office at (309) 378-2351. Have a great summer. We will see you soon.


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