• Dr. David M. Mouser

The new and improved Tri-Valley High School is happening!! The days after "The Vote".....

Well, it happened! The Viking Vision initiative passed on March 20th, 2018 for Tri-Valley schools. I cannot express how proud I am of our community and all of those that helped in the effort to create the plan, spread the word, share the plan, and ultimately vote. To be very honest, for me it is impossible not to become emotionally invested in our work. We had devoted so much time, energy, and effort in developing the plans, that the thought of not seeing it to fruition was very difficult to entertain. I’m humbled and honored to have the opportunity to help bring this project to the finish line for the children of our community, including my own.

I also realize that we have a responsibility to everyone that voted both in favor and in opposition on March 20th. We need to be steadfast in our responsibility to complete the project as per the community engagement planning. We need to be financial stewards that understand the importance of scrutinizing each facet of the project. Ultimately, we need to make certain that Tri-Valley High School becomes a facility that matches our reputation and expectations moving forward. We take this responsibility very seriously, and will work tirelessly to bring forward a product we all will be proud of.

So where do we go from here? What I will say is that we have been very busy. The meetings with our architect and construction management team literally began the day after the referendum passed. The project is set to be done in three phases. The first phase will begin this summer. This summer will bring forward a new parking lot, drainage improvements, and upgraded roadways. We will complete the new fitness center, and improve our industrial arts program spaces by creating a classroom, a finishing room, upgraded technology access, flow, and storage capacity. A new agricultural education space is set to be created that will allow for lab space that is conducive to quality plant, animal, agribusiness, and food science programming. Finally, our art room will get a full facelift that includes new casework, lighting, a new kiln, and improved flow for student project work and instructional delivery. Phase one is set to be completed by August 10th in time for student arrival!

Phase 2 and 3 will be timelined and established moving forward. These phases will be completed during the next two summer sessions of 2019 and 2020. The summer of 2019 will include the construction of two additions (auditorium and auxiliary gym) as well as the construction of at least half of the classrooms in the academic areas. Finally, the summer of 2020 will wrap up the project with a completion of the academic space, the secure entry, the event entry, improved food service space, and the revamping of the high school commons. This is certainly work to get excited about!

As we begin working on the project, I promise to provide updates via social media, blog posts, and other methods of communication. What I ask our community is to partner with us and be patient. There will be inconveniences, challenges, and short term sacrifices that will need to be made along the way to bring about the final product that we desire. I’ve learned multiple times in my 20 years of connection to Tri-Valley that there is little that can’t be accomplished when this community decides to make something happen. We’ve got this! The plan that was designed by and for our community is becoming a reality.

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