FALL 2020

This initial framework is designed to address some of the key areas of our school reopening plan. The plan will continue to be developed using this framework as a foundation with all changes being housed on this website in real time. Please note that if COVID-19 numbers continue to rise, or if the Governor or Health Department determine that a return to remote learning is required, we will communicate to families immediately, and reserve the right to deviate from this plan accordingly.  The links in the options below provide the specific details of both plans.  

It is important to note that our plans remain fluid in the sense that new developments and recommendations are happening daily.


Tri-Valley CUSD #3 will return to school in Fall 2020 as safely and as normally as possible 5 days a week with several variations. Our approach to reopening schools uses guidance from:



In following these guidelines we work to provide safety protocols while preserving our priorities of in-person instruction, safety for students and staff, and supporting our community as families balance returning to work with supporting our students.  

Parent Choice: In-Person or Remote Instruction




Our community and staff surveys indicated that the vast majority of our community and staff wished to return to IN PERSON INSTRUCTION in the Fall.  This has prompted us to focus our work on the development of strategies to provide as much IN PERSON INSTRUCTION as possible for our families and students.  Therefore, Option 1 is for parents to choose a 100% in person option 5 days per week with schedule modifications while following protocols put forth by the ISBE and IDPH.  Masks must be worn while in the building by all students and staff.  Tri-Valley High School will be running and A and B day blended learning schedule outlined in the link below.  Should a return to remote or blended learning become necessary, we are in the process of developing improved remote learning protocols that will be led by Tri-Valley teachers and staff.  This is the default choice for Tri-Valley families, and registration will take place as normal via skyward. Further details on this option can be found here.


For families that do not feel comfortable with sending their child/children to school this fall there is a second option to choose COMPLETE ONLINE LEARNING.  This option will require a full semester commitment and will be provided by a 3rd party vendor called Edmentum utilizing the platforms of "Courseware (6-12 grade) and Calvert Learning (K-5)." The website for the vendor can be found here. Note:  (Edmentum is a completely online platform for students, and will NOT be taught by the Tri-Valley staff).  Needs will be met through an online portal, parental support, and an assigned teacher of record.  It is to be noted that our curriculum coordinator and staff will choose facets of the curriculum to ensure it matches our in person learning as much as possible in terms of overall content.  This option will require parental support and quality home internet.  More information on this option can be found here. Any family that chooses this option will need to make this choice and semester commitment by August 14th. 

Video Highlighting the Options: (original)

High School Update 8.24.20

District Plan Update 8.24.20