On December 18th, the Tri-Valley Board of Education voted unanimously to place a referendum on the March 20th, 2018 ballot to renovate Tri-Valley High School.  This page contains files and information related to the project.  Please scroll down to view all files and information related to the NO TAX RATE INCREASE referendum that will be on the ballot on March 20th, 2018.

Special thanks to the Community Leadership Committee for all of their work to lead the process and create the plan.  Members of the committee are Angie McLaughlin, Cindy Bruce, Becky Duncan, Kate Springer, Rob Epperson, Tim Norman, Dennis Wentworth, Jessica Alt, and J.B. Goff. 


If you wish to inquire about how you can be of assistance to the community engagement committee moving forward, please contact community member Angie McLaughlin at amclaugh75@gmail.com.

If you have specific questions about the Viking Vision, please contact Dr. David Mouser at dmouser@tri-valley3.org or at (309) 378-2351.

Below is the Viking Vision Flyer that was mailed to addresses of each registered voter, or those that voted in the last three primary elections in the Tri-Valley District on December 22nd, 2017. (List was created by McLean County Clerks Office)

.pdf version

Powerpoint Presented to Board of Education

The Powerpoint below represents a synopsis of all 3 community meetings including the recommendation to the Board of Education made by our Citizen's Leadership Committee.

Community Meeting Flyer

Meetings were advertised through Tri-Valley e-mail, social media, Village News, and flyers placed throughout community.  

How will the question appear on the ballot?

Below is the actual picture of the question as it will appear on the ballot on March 20th, 2018. 

What are 21st Century Spaces?  The slide show below contains actual images from spaces created by our architect in schools throughout Illinois.  

How is a NO TAX RATE INCREASE building project possible??

The district has existing bond issues that will be paid off in December 2018.   The final tax levy on those bonds was made in December of 2017.  Therefore, our tax levy (and corresponding tax rate) for bonds would, absent this referendum, go down next year.  This decrease, coupled with the restructuring of some of the district’s remaining bonds, allows us to be able to fund this project without any estimated increase in the district’s bond and interest tax rate.

If I vote no, how much money can I expect to save on my property tax bill??

Based on all projections, a person that owns a $250,000 home could expect to spend approximately $200 less per year.  If the referendum passes, the rate will remain the same.

Initial designs of proposed high school project (including phasing of work)

Scenario C - PHASED_No Cost Page 004
Scenario C - PHASED_No Cost Page 001
Scenario C - PHASED_No Cost Page 002
Scenario C - PHASED_No Cost Page 003
TV - Site Logistics Plan - PDF
Scenario C_ADDITION DETAIL Page 001
Scenario C_ADDITION DETAIL Page 002